Respect HBCUs Story

From the Founders Desk


I'm Deonne, the creator and founder of Respect HBCUs. I'm a 2006 graduate of Livingstone College, a 2012 graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, and a third generation HBCU graduate. Respect HBCUs was inspired by my own personal experience; my first face to face encounter with someone who looked like me but expressed their disdain towards Historically Black Colleges and Universities. From that experience, I was inspired to combine my love for fashion and passion for equality to create a line with a bold statement. My goal was to bring back the feeling of promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities as we used to see on black television; as a result the Respect HBCUs brand was born. The Respect HBCUs message speaks to those of us who take pride in our illustrious institutions, enjoy black college culture, and respect the narrative of establishing institutions of higher learning to serve the African American community.

About Respect HBCUs

Respect HBCUs is a unisex collegiate apparel line, lifestyle, and most importantly a movement. Through fashion and awareness, our mission at Respect HBCUs is to empower and inspire the Black community and the world to not only support the culture of Historically Black Colleges and Universities but to also support and uphold the history, pride, and spirit of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. We have been inspired to educate our own people about the significance of HBCUs in the Black community. Whether you graduated from an HBCU or not, it is our hope that we can all come together to help keep the HBCU community thriving for generations to come.